How long will it take to deliver my parcel(s)?

We offer express 2 shipping within the Uk and

Where does my money go?

The money raised through your purchase goes to many good causes. 4Amazon has selected with great care the charities and organisations we work with to make a little go a long way. Check our mission page for more information and the charities we work with.

Will you notify me when my parcel arrives?

Once your order has been shipped, your local service will notify you. However, we will personally notify you once a purchase is compete and shipped with a tracking number if provided.

Who delivers my item(s)?

Your orders are delivered by our fulfilment centre and will normally be handed to you via local postal service. 

What time deliveries are usually made?

Usually during business hours. (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm) but that will depend on your local delivery service.

What happens if i am not at home?

Tracking should help you avoid missing your parcel however, if you do then small enough items will be delivered into your postbox. Or larger items can be left elsewhere on request.