Our Mission

The recent devastating forest fires and the exponential growth of deforestation of one of our largest eco systems; the Amazon Rainforest needs to be taken seriously.

At 4Amazon we are dedicated to contributing towards a sustainable future for the human race and all other inhabitants of our beautiful planet. Only a collective global effort can save the planet we call home!

 The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest, famed for its biodiversity and animal life

People wrongly assume there is no way they as individuals can make a meaningful impact, but this doesn't mean we shouldn’t do the little things we can to make a collective impact. This has driven us to set up 4Amazon; to enable a mass of individuals to create a real difference. By purchasing our symbolic bracelet, you are helping to bring about change and spread awareness - something to smile and feel good about.


What your money does

The money we raise goes to many good causes. 4Amazon has selected with great care the charities and organisations we work with to make a little go a long way. We help towards:

- The prevention of deforestation

- The efforts to battle forest fires

- The conservation of animals

- Supporting local communities of the Amazon  

- Spreading awareness of global climate issues 


Charities we work with

Amazon Watch:  https://amazonwatch.org

Friends of the earth:  https://friendsoftheearth.uk/

One tree Planted:  https://onetreeplanted.org

World Wide Fund:  https://www.wwf.org

World Land Fund:  www.worldlandtrust.org/


What more you can do

There are tonnes of things you can be doing to help the global effort of climate change. For example, you can:

Show you care - Help to spread awareness by sharing, commenting and liking posts by us and similar pages focused on the same goal!

Find and sign - Look out for any petition to force governments, from local to global, to enact change on any climate issues.

Change your habits - Be aware of how even the smallest day to day decisions can negatively contribute to the climate. Walk/cycle instead of driving. Recycle better. Even planting a tree in your garden can go reduce the carbon in our atmosphere.