The Amazon Rainforest may be completely destroyed in your lifetime!

390 billion trees, millions of animal/insect species, 20% of the world's oxygen supply. Gone.

By purchasing our bracelet you will be help to protect the home of indigenous tribes and endangered animals, while also helping to plant up to 10 new trees.

This will help to prevent deforestation and loss of habitat for unique species, while also fighting global climate change.

We are the last generation that can save the planet! 


Really pleased with my 4amazon bracelet, I wear it with pride knowing I made a difference.

Jane Koeler

I've recently purchased your bracelets for each of my kids. Im hoping spreading the awareness amongst the youth to prevent them making the same mistakes we have.

Paula Allsop

Good quality bracelets, and love the Amazon inspired theme. Keep up the excellent work!

Peter Simmons